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Toshiba, an office solution provider, provides its e-STUDIO3515AC model with a reliable combination of specifications and features for small and medium-sized enterprises that require high-efficiency multifunction printers (MFP). In addition to printing black and white and color documents, e-STUDIO can also copy, scan and fax documents.

Toshiba e-STUDIO 3515AC is worthy of consideration for your small business with its efficient, user-friendly interface and high duty cycle.

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The price of e-STUDIO 3515AC is expected to be between US$14,051 and US$26,241. Provide leasing options. As with most MFPs we evaluated, you need to contact the manufacturer for a quote, because there are multiple accessories including paper, finishing, security, and connection options that you may want to include in e-STUDIO so that it fits your needs. need.

e-STUDIO is a laser printer and requires a toner cartridge. Ink cartridges are available from Toshiba; some retailers sell toner cartridges, each with a price ranging from US$80 to US$160. The black toner cartridge can print approximately 38,400 pages, and the color toner cartridge can print 33,600 pages. e-STUDIO is designed to be user-friendly. You can find instructions on how to replace the toner cartridge online.

e-STUDIO prints and copies 35 pages per minute. It prints the first color copy in 7.8 seconds and the first black and white copy in 5.9 seconds. It has a dual scan document feeder. It can scan 120 images per minute using the single-sided (single-sided) function and 240 images per minute using the double-sided scanning function (double-sided).

The print resolution of e-STUDIO 3515AC is 1200 dpi, and the copy resolution is 600 dpi. The model measures 23 x 25.2 x 31 inches and weighs 166 pounds.

e-STUDIO3515AC can produce 105,000 color pages and 210,000 black and white pages per month. The standard paper tray can hold 1,200 sheets of paper. After paying an additional fee, you can add an optional paper tray to increase the capacity to 3,200 sheets.

e-STUDIO has 4GB memory storage and 320GB self-encrypting hard drive. This amount of storage is beneficial, especially when you have a lot of print jobs and your document contains a lot of images.

Some notable features of this printer include open platform support, 10.1-inch color WVGA touch screen and pull-out keyboard. These functions provide your employees with higher convenience and productivity. Using open platform support, employees can scan documents and send emails via Microsoft Exchange. The 10.1-inch color touch screen has a tiltable display screen, and its operation interface is very similar to that of a smart phone or tablet. There is a pull-out keyboard and numeric keypad, allowing users to easily enter information and browse various screens to complete copy or scan jobs.

In addition to being easy to use, Toshiba e-STUDIO 3515AC is also very environmentally friendly. It has passed ENERGY STAR v2.0 certification, is RoHS compliant, and is an EPEAT-Gold product. The device is made of recycled materials and aims to reduce energy and operating costs. Toshiba's e-BRIDGE Plus for Green Information displays usage information so that your business can make smarter and greener decisions.

You can access a variety of applications and plug-ins that can further improve office work efficiency. Toshiba's e-BRIDGE Job Point can split jobs on multiple Toshiba MFPs. e-BRIDGE Job Replicator is designed to help companies quickly create multi-part forms and documents. These applications can be linked with cloud services such as Google Cloud Print, OneDrive, Dropbox, and SharePoint.

In addition to printing, you can also use the e-BRIDGE Plus app to scan and access cloud-based services, including e-BRIDGE Plus for OneDrive for Business, e-BRIDGE Plus for SharePoint Online, and e-BRIDGE Plus for Exchange Online.

To ensure the security of your data, Toshiba has equipped e-STUDIO with multiple security features. The administrator can activate user authentication to restrict who uses the model and how to use the model. There are also onboard data scrambling functions, disk coverage, IP address filtering, MAC address filtering, network service control and network port control. e-STUDIO3515AC has a 320GB self-encrypting drive, with automatic drive failure and data overwriting functions.

Toshiba provides support via telephone or online. In addition, you can find easy-to-use interactive guides, safety data sheets and manuals. You can also download drivers and install software from the Toshiba website. To find the information you need specific to your model printer, you can search Toshiba's support page by model.

Unlike most MFPs in this category, which are equipped with a standard document feeder, the 3515AC does not; instead, it is an optional accessory. You can choose automatic document feeder or reverse automatic document feeder. Similar to the document feeder, you can choose to include connectors for SharePoint, Exchange, and Google Docs, but they are not standard configurations for this model.

The cost of accessories may increase rapidly, and you may face higher prices than initially expected. For many small businesses or businesses with limited budgets, the unit itself may be expensive, in which case leasing may be the best choice for your business.

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Toshiba e-STUDIO 3515AC is worthy of consideration for your small business with its efficient, user-friendly interface and high duty cycle.