HP protects the planet by turning cartridge plastics into products

2022-05-21 14:55:27 By : Ms. Coco Liu

HP is taking sustainability seriously with a free scheme that lets you mail back your empty ink and toner cartridges to be recycled.

A printer is an essential piece of tech to have in your home, and by shopping with HP you have peace of mind that sustainability is being taken seriously.

Plastic ink cartridges are a vital part of the printer, but what happens when they run dry? The last place that you want plastic to go is into a landfill.

But HP’s program – Planet Partners – lets you mail back your empty ink and toner cartridges so the plastics can be broken down and reused to manufacture new HP products. The process is what’s known as “closed-loop” recycling.

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So if you’re concerned about the environmental impact of owning a printer, using this free scheme is one sure-fire way of reducing your own potential plastic waste.

HP’s sustainability record speaks for itself.

The company’s scheme has kept 875 million HP ink cartridges, 114 million clothes hangers, and 4.69 billion plastic bottles out of landfills around the world.

In the HP sustainability report, it revealed 82% of Original HP ink cartridges contain over 45% post-consumer plastics – such as drinks bottles – and all of its Original HP toner cartridges now contain between 5% and 45% recycled plastic content.

HP is also planning far into the next decade, pledging to help reduce ocean-bound plastic waste that can destroy sealife ecosystems by sourcing ocean-bound plastic and bringing it into its supply chain, where it can be turned into new products.

Already, one million bottles per day are recycled through HP’s closed-loop process. And by the end of 2025, it aims to divert 25,000 metric tons of plastic – equivalent to 1.2 billion single-use plastic water bottles – from entering our planet’s oceans.

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So how can you take part in the commendable recycling effort? HP makes it easy with a step-by-step guide on its website – and the process is totally free.

Using the website’s form, you can order postage-paid envelopes or labels to return your HP ink and toner cartridges – or Samsung toner cartridges – by post.

Simply sign in to your HP account or register for a new one and click on what product you are recycling. Select the model specifications, including dimensions and ink capacity, alongside the quantity of postage-paid envelopes you need.

Following that, you will have to enter your shipping address and review a summary of the order. The entire process can be completed in well under 15 minutes.

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The WiFi model, which has automatic double-sided printing, a smartphone app that lets you print documents directly from your handset and nine months of Instant Ink with HP+, has a sustainable design made of more than 45% recycled plastic. 

The Inspire 7224e does more than documents. It has a built-in tray to print photos and comes with new Instagram-like square photo size support (5x5). 

HP Instant Ink automatically ships you a new cartridge when ink or toner levels are low. Pricing is based on how much you are using the device, from “light” usage (10 pages) at just 99p per month to “heavy” usage (300 pages) at £9.99 per month.

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